*Certified Organic      *Free Range Animals     *No Antibiotics or Hormones Used     *Sustainable Practices

       *Family Farm            *No Chemicals Used       *Grown in Dirt                                 *No GMOs

Our mission is to help provide a sustainable local food source to you and your family. We take pride in offering you multiple food options on an annual basis. As a customer, Bridgewater Farm gives you the peace of mind in knowing you have a safe and secure food source for your family. At the same time you are taking an active step in supporting a family farm and keeping your money circulating within the local economy. We believe in raising awareness regarding the local and global food choices individuals make, as well as being environmentally responsible by creating a healthy agriculture system that protects nature rather than harming it. We believe organic food is the natural, preventative medicine that will help give you a high quality, long lasting life!

Invest in your health, Invest in yourself!

Located in southwest Iowa (Adair County), Bridgewater Farm is a 40 acre, diversified farm that specializes in producing sustainable, high quality, organic food for our customers and self-sufficiency for ourselves. The family farm has been farmed since 1978 by Dale Raasch. His sons Eric and Tyler along with his daughter Sadie have helped on the farm for many years. 


It wasn't until 2007 that we started growing and selling fruits and vegetables. Starting with nearly nothing, we now have over 10 acres of garden! In 2011 a new high tunnel was installed that creates a high efficiency way to produce top notch vegetables. We have sold to many outlets including farmers markets, health food stores, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. The first year was full of learning and over a short period of time changed our motive with this profession. What started as a way to make money quickly turned into a movement for better health and a higher standard quality of life. After years of learning about the negative effects of mass produced food, chemical use, GMOs, and other unnatural methods; Bridgewater Farm uses only sustainable organic methods to grow great tasting produce!

Bridgewater Farm entered into the CSA program in 2011 with 11 members. In 2013 the membership grew to more than 33 members and in 2014 and 2015 almost 60 members! With CSA and farmer's market exposure, we are receiving many requests for our upcoming 2017 CSA season and expect to continue our path of growth at a sustainable rate to maintain quality!