Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

When Joining a CSA, you, the member, are making a commitment with that farm. Your contribution helps the farm build and prosper in many ways that sometimes go unseen. The weekly mouthwatering taste we are able to provide to you through our produce is a direct reflection of your commitment and dedication to us. At Bridgewater Farm, our top priority is to provide you with high quality nutritious organically grown food delivered from our family farm to your family table. 
We participate in local Farmers Markets and also provide produce for local restaurants/wholesalers. Don't worry, at Bridgewater Farm our CSA members come first! We have a strong passion in not only making sure you get your "share basket" on a weekly or bi-weekly basis but also that you get the freshest and juiciest veggies around!
Full shares usually include many different types of fruits and vegetables, enough for a household of 2-5 people. Most CSAs also offer half shares for individuals or smaller households, 1-3 people. In addition to your share, you may purchase additional fruit, vegetables, eggs, and meat per availability.
Plants are started from seed as early as February. We begin planting outside in late March, early April. By mid to early May, depending on the weather, we will begin to harvest and the CSA will begin! 

CSA Box Pick-Up Locations and Dates

Monday        Creston Market, McKinley Park. Creston
4:00-6:30 p.m.

Tuesday        Johnston Market, City Hall 6221 Merle Hay Rd.                                 3:30-6:30 p.m.              Johnston, IA 50131

Wednesday    Clarinda/Atlantic (day to be determined)

Thursday       Clarinda/Atlantic (day to be determined)
**Atlantic drop off will be at Complimentary Healthcare, 201 Linn St.**

       Winterset Market, Town Square
8:00-12:00 a.m.

New & Important 2018 CSA Info:

There are three CSA box options:

Half-share - A pre-made box with a wide variety of all fruits and vegetables that is often exceeding that of the weekly CSA dollar amount paid. (1-2 people)

Full-share - Same as above, only twice as much (2-5 people)

CSA Work Share - If you would like to earn a free box of produce each week, this is for you!

* To earn a half CSA share, we require you work 2 hours a week.
* To earn a full CSAshare, we require you work 3 hours a week.

We are open to various forms of work but most needed is work on the farm. For example, working 6 hours in one day would cover 2 CSA full share boxes or 10 hours in one day to cover 5 CSA half share boxes.

Sign up today!
Print and fill out the form below
Mail with check to:
2409 Brown Avenue, Bridgewater, IA 50837

2018 CSA Share Options & Prices

Share Types

Summer Weekly Full Share (2-5 ppl)
$55020 Weeks
Summer Weekly Half Share (1-3 ppl)
$32520 Weeks
Bi-Weekly Summer Full Share (2-5 ppl)

10 Weeks

Egg Shares

Weekly Summer Egg Share


20 Weeks

Bi-Weekly Summer Egg Share


10 Weeks

Work Share

Full Share

60 hours20 weeks
Half share40 hours20 weeks

***Please note, the start of the CSA will ultimately be determined by the weather and when we can get the produce planted and start harvesting.  We will keep you updated once we have a better idea. If interested please join our mailing list located on our contact page! 
***Weekly and Bi-Weekly shares will last 20 continuous weeks starting in mid May and going until mid October.

Share Sizes: You can expect anywhere from 3-5 lbs. of produce for the first few weeks. Once we enter July/August you will begin receiving anywhere from 8-14 lbs. The last couple months we will be in full season and should have a wide variety of produce. You should expect anywhere from 25-30 lbs. 

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Connect: When joining the Bridgewater Farm CSA program you will receive a weekly newsletter with the list of produce, recipes, and insider news on what's happening on the farm. You are also free to come to the farm for a visit or to harvest your own selection of fresh fruits and veggies!


Vacation Options: If you will miss a week of your share season let us know in advance and we can double the share for the following week. You are also welcome to send a friend/neighbor to pick up your share.


Payment Options: We accept checks via US Post Office. Please include the full payment of whichever share you choose along with a written note of your share selections (please make checks payable to Bridgewater Farm). Once we have received your order and payment we will send a confirmation email or give you a call.


Payment Plans: If you cannot make the full payment up front, payment plans are available. To ensure a spot is held for you, please mail in a $100 non-refundable deposit and the completed share order form (full amount must be paid prior to the first week of selected share season).

2018 CSA Info